Before I met Brad, the idea of writing collaboratively with another author had not ever, not once, entered my mind.  I’ve got my own style, my own views, my own schedules and interests.  Deadlines to meet, revisions to finish, new projects on the horizon long deferred.  Writing is a solitary art, after all, just me and the keyboard.  How could I envision trying to match up with anyone else, even a talented writer, undoubtedly beset by all the same issues?

Then I met Brad.  We had both come to the Antarctic conference to share ideas and forge new relationships.  The first session opened with an introduction by the participants, a brief statement of why they had come and what they hoped to accomplish over the weekend.  I had come to introduce my latest book on the explorer Tom Crean, to find some new like-minded friends, to learn whatever I could about our shared passion for the South Polar regions.  Brad, when his turn came, said that he was looking for someone to work with him, to co-author a book on decision-making derived from the critical survival decisions made, in the field and on the spot, by the men of the heroic era of Antarctic exploration.

Co-author!  A light went off in my mind right then.  “I’ve got to talk to this guy.”  I had just finished my Tom Crean series, and was game for something new.  This would be REAL new.  A collaboration.  Something I’d never even considered.  A new adventure.

Before the weekend was over, the seeds of this new book had been planted, and started to germinate.

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