We were delighted to find ourselves and our book the subject of an hour-long online radio interview this week with the talented radio host Bonnie D.Graham, whose knack for probing questions and guided conversation can bring unexpected results.

Brad and I each know our book from our own perspective, and of course we’ve spent a good deal of time talking about it together during the last two years. But conversations are by nature transitory, their words soon consigned to the vague archives of memory. In contrast, this one is preserved in easily accessible digital format, for all to hear.

It’s something we can be proud of, that in giving voice to the ideas we have come to understand more deeply over time, we find we can share them from a place in the heart as well as from the intellectual processes of writing, editing, and publishing.

This is something you can only become aware of when you can listen to your own words, spoken in the moment, describing and illuminating the ideas–answering the questions, if you will, and then pondering the further implications of those answers from outside that moment.

Follow this link to hear for yourself:  Extreme Decisions on the Radio:  Brad Borkan and David Hirzel with Bonnie D. Graham
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