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“Will the Results be Worth the Effort?”

Every accomplishment of every kind, from insignificant to monumental and the whole range between, starts with an idea and then proceeds through plan and execution to accomplishment.  Simple enough in concept, especially for the thousands of minor accomplishments that...

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As Good as Your Word: Promises made to be kept

Promises and commitments are the outward signs of mutual trust between parties, a shared understanding, and a bargain to be upheld at each end.  A contract, if you will, whether written and signed, or verbal and committed over a handshake, to terms large and detailed...

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“Can You Do It?”

It’s unlikely that any of us will find ourselves in Tom Crean’s situation when, in the closing days of the Antarctic autumn of 1912, at the end of a 1300-mile trek (almost halfway across Antarctica and back), he set out to go another 35 to save his companions.  We no...

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“Who’s on your team? More than you thought.”

Who’s on your team? The question springs from a generality, an easily understood concept that in corporations, as in any organization made up of leaders and followers, the combined strength of the team in its members and its output is fundamental to the success of the...

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