Dynamic Alignment

The Power of Finding Your Purpose, Achieving Your Goals, and Living a Passion-Driven Life

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About the authors of Dynamic Alignment

Brad Borkan — has a lifelong interest in how people and businesses survive, and thrive, in almost impossible situations. Brad is an inspirational and motivational speaker. He has presented at business and Antarctic conferences, appeared on cable TV in the US, and on Internet talk radio programs. He has also presented on an Antarctic expedition cruise ship to 114 passengers. His talks focus on leadership, team work, and winning against the odds all set in the context of Polar exploration. He is based in London and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a member of the Society of Authors.

Holly Worton – is an author, podcaster, and publishing strategist. Her books are intended to inspire people to create their ideal life, whether that’s through business, personal development, or nature. She also helps authors and business owners fulfill their dream of getting their books out into the world.