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Brad Borkan and David Hirzel talk on the themes of:

Leadership, teamwork, resiliency and decision making all set in the exciting context of polar history.

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Brad presenting to a business audience in London

Brad delivered a terrific, fascinating and extremely motivational session at the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum this year – his passion and knowledge about the great age of exploration is extraordinary, and this made for an excellent addition to our agenda.

Joel Harrison

B2B Marketing - Editor in Chief

Brad and David tailor their talks and podcast interviews to each specific audience. Testimonials

2021-2022 Podcasts, Articles, Talks

  • Antarctica “Final Quest” ship lecture, Winter 2022
    • Guest speaker – to be confirmed
  • Shackleton Autumn School, Athy, Ireland, Oct 2021 
    • Guest speaker talking about our new book
  • Shackleton Conference, Hull, UK, May 2021 (postponed till 2022 due to pandemic)
    • Guest speaker talking about our new book
  • Book Launch events: Mar-Apr 2021
    • Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results: How an Explorer, an Engineer and a Statesman shaped our Modern World
  • HULF Literary Festival, UK, Apr 2021 (postponed till 2022 due to pandemic)
    • Guest speaker talking about Captain Scott’s Legacy and his impact on Climate Change Research
  • Webinar: When Your Life Depends on It: Lessons from Shackleton, Feb 23, 2021
    • Speaking at a webinar arranged by Karen Carpenter, Business Coach
    • Invitation only event, raising money for the Air Ambulance Service
  • Article: Monocle Magazine, Feb 2021 issue
    • Guest columnist: Decision Lessons from Antarctica
  • Book Launch events: Mar-Apr 2021
    • Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results: How an Explorer, an Engineer and a Statesman shaped our Modern World

2020 Podcasts, Talks and Articles

2019 Talks

  • Antarctic Cruise: Polar Latitudes Hebridean Sky, Nov 2019
    • Guest lecture about Shackleton on the day the ship visited South Georgia (Antarctica) which is where Shackleton is buried.
    • Co-presented with adventurer, explorer and historian: Seb Coulthard
  • Internet Radio Interview, Sept 2019
    • Brad with Chris Fagan (author of The Expedition: Two Parents Risk Life and Family in an Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole)
  • Western Mortgagee Advisory Council Conference in San Francisco, Sept 2019
    • Keynote speaker 
  • Windstar Cruise Line, Aug 2019
    • Guest lecturer on North Atlantic crossing
  • TV Interview, June 2019
    • Brad interviewed by Dr. Joan Goldstein
  • WH Smith Bookstore, Richmond, Surrey, UK June 2019
    • Book signing event
  • Internet Radio Interview, June 2019
    • Brad and Dennis Kleinman (audiobook narrator for When Your Life Depends on It)
    • How we made the audiobook and why it was up for a major Hollywood award.
  • Antarctic Conference, Dublin, June 2019
  • Business Conference, London, May 2019
  • Literary Festival,  Apr 2019 
  • Royal Society of Chemistry, Apr 2019
    • Guest speaker at their away-day team building session in Cambridge
  • Viking Cruise Line, Mar 2019
    • Guest lecturer on North Atlantic crossing

2018 Talks

  • Windstar Cruise LIne, Nov 2018
    • Guest lectures on North Atlantic crossing
  • Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge England, Oct 2018 
    • Guest lecture on When Your Life Depends on It.
  • B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, London, Sept 2018 
    • “Developing a Resiliency Mind-set for Modern-Day Business Leaders: Lessons from Scott, Shackleton and the Heroic Age”
    • Conference attended by 150 CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers)
    • Testimonial from B2B Marketing provided above
  • Present Day Club, Princeton NJ Sept 2018 
    • “Leadership, Team Work and Decision Making: Lessons from the Antarctic”
    • Private members club was founded by Woodrow Wilson’s wife.
    • 116 in the audience. Testimonial from Club President provided.
  • Credit Suisse Investment Bank, London July 2018
    • “Disruptive Innovators and early Antarctic Explorers” 
    • 370 Credit Suisse employees attended from 16 different countries.
  • Great Minds Lecture Series in Princeton NJ, May 2018
  • Author Talk Radio Interview, Apr 2018
  • University Guest Lecture: Dominican University of California, April 2018
    • “Leadership, Teams, and Change” 
  • Speaker at “Interesting Talks London”, March 2018

2017 Talks

  • Princeton PSRC Charity talk Dec 2017
    • “More Tales from the Antarctic”
  • Antarctic Conference in Ireland, Oct 2017
  • Strand Business conference, Oct 2017
    • Keynote speech at “Customers as Advocates” business conference
    • Leadership, Team Work and Decision Making: Lessons from the Antarctic” at the Dorchester Hotel, London. Event program.
  • Book talks at libraries and bookstores, July – Sept 2017
    • Hancock Point Public Library, Maine
    • Florey’s Bookstore, California
    • Copperfield’s Bookstore, California
  • Book launch: Discovery Point, Scotland: May 2017
    • Antarctic Conference held at Discovery Point, Dundee, Scotland – museum housing Scott’s Discovery ship
    • Shackleton’s Genius—Reframing the Image of Success, a critical skill for the 21st century”
  • Book launch: Fram Museum, Norway: May 2017
    • South Pole-sium Conference – Fram museum housing Amundsen’s Antarctic ship, the Fram.
  • Devon & Cornwall Polar Society: March 2017
    • Book talk at the Devon & Cornwall Polar Society, Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth.
    • Shackleton stayed at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel the night before the Endurance sailed to Antarctica in 1914. 

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