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TV Interview: Show host Dr. Joan Goldstein welcomes Brad Borkan back to her show.

They discuss the Endurance Expedition, focusing on what can learn from studying the decision-intensive survival techniques of Ernest Shackleton and Frank Wild.

TV interview Sept 11, 2018: Author & host William L. Myers Jr. meets Brad Borkan
Since the show was recorded on Sept 11, 2018 (the anniversary of 9/11) they discuss the bravery and heroism of the early Antarctic explorers compared with the great bravery and heroism of the 9/11 rescuers.

TV Interview: Show host Dr. Joan Goldstein and Brad Borkan

Discussing how the lessons from the explorers’ decisions can help us understand our own world and our own lives….

On the Red Carpet: Why our book was a finalist in the Voice Arts Awards in Hollywood

Why our book was a finalist for Best Audiobook – History category in the Voice Arts Awards, and what it was like to be at the gala event at Warner Bros Studios featuring Sigourney Weaver.

Videos trailers for the book, When Your Life Depends on It

Audiobook sample chapter

Interviews on Internet Radio Shows

Click to listen to our first Radio interview

by Bonnie D. Graham, host of a Monday night author talk show based in NYC | interviewing Brad and David

  • Our first radio interview, before the book was published.  Bonnie D. Graham’s Monday night author interviews. Bonnie invited Brad and David onto her show to talk about the “Decisions Lessons we can all Learn from the Early Antarctic Explorers.”  (replay below)

Additional Internet Radio shows

1. Decision Making in Cold Climates — what we can learn from leaders working at opposite ends of the Earth: Alaska’s First Governor and the early Antarctic Explorers.  An interview with two authors: Brad Borkan (Antarctica) and Roger Seiler (author of Master of Alaska)

2. Decision-Making Lessons from Antarctic Heroes Brad and David talking with award-winning radio interviewer Bonnie D. Graham.

Webinar – recorded live in front of a 200 person business audience:

Lessons in Leadership, Team Work and Decision Making from the Antarctic – replay of webinar for a Fortune 500 company

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